bunnies everywhere
Baby bunny in Salon’s “Baby animals: Your election antidote” slideshow.
Response to the NYT article about eating bunnies

Photo from Salon.

Salon’s response to the NYT article, by Thomas Rogers on March 3, 2010:

Of course, everybody likes rabbits. They’re furry. They’re adorable. They make great pets, and, ask any child, they’re very generous about dropping off chocolate at Easter. But as Kim Severson writes in today’s New York Times, there’s another increasingly popular reason to love bunnies — they taste delicious!

Severson reports that the rabbit is becoming a trendy new meat for ethically conscious carnivores. This isn’t the first time that rabbit has been touted as the next big thing — the Wall Street Journal argued the same thing over a decade ago — but in this case, there are several cultural factors working in its favor. Most notably, the fact that the movement toward ethical, local butchery has become a major part of American food culture over the past few years, and the rabbit is perfectly suited to it. (In her NYT piece, Severson attends a Brooklyn seminar where aspiring butchers pay $100 to learn how to raise and slaughter their own rabbits.)

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